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When I was with the Dog Saving Network, we created a canine game show (yes, just like it sounds) as a fun way to raise awareness for homeless animals.  Dogs were taught to spin huge prize wheels, run on large bingo drums and other fun stuff. I still like to train unique and fun behaviors and hope to do a version of the show again someday.  Below are some “behaviors in progress” for a possible show as well as some additional training videos.

Intro to Bowling

How many people have a dog that can bowl??? I had the hardest time teaching my dog Emma to learn how to even touch the ball shown in the video.  I eventually had to teach her to “interact” with objects in her environment in a novel way.  Took her a bit but once she realized she had to touch the ball, we were off to the races!  The stand that she is sitting on are old plyo boxes that I got at a yard sale!  Stands are great as both of my dogs are trained to just go there and stay in the absence of information or cues.

Coming When Called

This was the very first time my pup Zack was let off leash.  We were in a park on top of a large hill and he just started running!  I called him because, truth be told, it looked like he was going to keep running away…really fast!  He’s trained to respond to a double whistle blast for a recall as well and you’ll hear that a few seconds after I used his name.

Prize Wheel Spinning Wonder:)

Freddie (dog) and Fran Berry with Go Fido Good Fido were a big part of the first go round of the DSN stage show, “Life’s Ruff” Most of the props were made in my garage (stating the obvious here) but you get the idea.  Sound quality isn’t great but I give a basic explanation as to how we trained it.  We trained over 20 dogs to do the wheel spin but Freddie seemed to like it the best and he continued to get better and better as the years spun by.

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