More than just a walk.

We’re going to take great care of your dog from start to finish of every visit! All walks are conducted with a training mentality and your dog (upon request, at no extra charge) will receive positive reinforcement training during every visit.   Along with reinforcing the basics (upon request), we’ll do some “play training” and teach your pup some fun stuff to keep their brains active! Training can be a lot of fun for your dog and, for these walks, is intended to serve as an added bonus.  Health permitting, we’ll also do some running to get the heart rate up and take that edge off.  Before we leave, each dog will be given an “enrichment” item(owner approved, upon request and at no extra charge) to keep them busy a bit longer so they are more likely to settle down. Learn More…

Visit Goals: How We Plan On Caring for Your Furry Friends!

  • We want to have a safe and fun visit each and every time! Aside from the need for a bathroom break, we want to make sure your dog gets adequate exercise, has an opportunity to train for some mental stimulation and we will keep everything fun and positive!

  • The owner is an experienced trainer and we use that experience to identify any behavioral challenges and will let you know right away.

  • Speaking of training.  Upon request we will work on training some fun things to keep your pup mentally sharp! We will also take the time to learn what your dog already knows and will happily strengthen those behaviors!

  • Your dog will be kept on leash, unless in your secure yard, but we can certainly do some running to get the heart rate up and burn off some excess energy.  Health permitting of course!

  • We also have an option to leave an enrichment item(safe and owner approved interactive toy) at no extra charge.  This can help make the end of the walk super-positive WHILE keeping your dog entertained after we leave…Win/Win!

  • We’ll also let you know right away how each visit went!

*We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable poop bags!


Chris Dignan has over 15 years experience caring and training for marine mammals, exotic animals and pets.  Chris helped jump start and led the dog training program at the Shedd Aquarium and has trained a ton of behaviors with a variety of animals, focusing exclusively on dogs for the past 10 years.

In 2008 Chris started The Dog Saving Network (DSN), an organization dedicated to raising awareness for homeless animals while highlighting the importance of positive training. Chris and DSN produced “Life’s Ruff”, a live performance that featured regular dogs and their owners “competing” in a game show like format. The show was a ton of fun but the best part was that the owners worked hard and did all of the training themselves!

Chris has taught many people how to train their dogs and is comfortable handling any animal with any type of behavior.  He currently lives in Orland Park with his wife, two daughters and two rescued pups.

Chris' Dogs Zack and Emma

NBC Nightly News Clip

Chris and the first cast/crew of “Life’s Ruff” were featured on NBC Nightly News back in September 2009.  We no longer have access to the full interview, but we do have the intro along with a fundraising/Kickstarter video that we launched in 2011 when we rebooted the show!  Video should give you a good idea about Chris’ training views and how training can help animals get adopted and stay in their forever homes!

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